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Common Situations Where You Might Need a Selfie Stick…Part 1

Over the last couple of years, and more emphatically the last few months, the human race seems to have been addicted to taking selfies. The selfie hype has particularly gotten a lot of media attention, with popular figures, including world leaders, taking their time to have fun by taking cool selfies during conventions. The good thing about taking selfie s is that you just need a smartphone to get started. That notwithstanding, a selfie stick (also known as a monopod) is a really cool accessory that was designed to make things much easier regarding the way you take your selfies.

Selfie sticks work very easy, you just have to strap the phone to one end, grab the other end, and then extend it outwards so that you can take as many photos as you want by simply pressing a button that’s conveniently located on the rod. But all the same, the concept of using a monopod to take a selfie is all new to a lot of people, that’s why we’ve taken the time to highlight the common situations where a selfie stand might be a little more forthcoming.

Multiple Subjects’ Selfie

If you just need to take a solo selfie, with just yourself to capture, a smartphone will probably just do as is. But in the situation where you need to capture a smartphone with many people in the photo, you might feel like you need a little more help before you can make everything work. A selfie stick is the ultimate accessory when you need to fit 2 or more people in a single shot. This is based on the notion that your arm can only extend too far. You’ll need to make sure that your smartphone camera is placed at an angle and distance where it’s able to easily capture everyone in the group. Grab a selfie stick and get it done!

Capturing Scenery during Travel

So you are planning to travel to this new location where you might just have a great time capturing landscape and natural scenery? If so, you might need to add a selfie stick to your items when you’re packing your bag. When you travel to a great new place, you want to keep the memory by capturing as many cool photos as you can. Just in the same way that a selfie stick helps you capture more subjects in a photo, it also helps you capture more natural scenery. It’s certainly a handy accessory when you’re looking to travel or tour a new area.

You Don’t Want to Be a Bother

Almost everyone has been in a situation whereby you wanted to take a photo in a cool spot but just can’t do it yourself. If this is the case, you might feel that the only plausible course of action is to kindly ask a stranger to help out. But not everyone likes to involve strangers in such a manner. If you don’t want to bother people every time you need to take a cool photo, a monopod will simply suffice.

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Common Situations Where You Need a Selfie Stick

This post is a continuation to the article above, whereby we highlighted the importance of selfies and featured some common situations where a selfie stick might come in handy. In addition to the last 3 common situations that we highlighted, here are some 2 more.

You don’t want to see Your Arm in Your Selfies

Yes! This is certainly a great one. Let’s face it, your arm is just so long. You might do your best to extend it a position where you’ll be able to capture nice photos, but this can also pose a problem. You’ll most certainly include your arm in your selfies, and this can be a photo-basher. Well, a monopod can help you avert this situation by making sure that your arm doesn’t show up on your selfies. Of course, you’ll need a little practice to bend the monopod at just the right angle so you take nice photos without a glimpse of the arm. Holding your arm at an angle for long can be quite tiring, but a selfie stick solves all this scenario. A monopod comes in handy as the accessory of choice when you don’t have the strength or length it takes to extend your arms for multiple photos.

Looking to Capture More Creative Viewpoints

This might be the last point on this list, but it sure is one of the most notable. Sometimes, you might just need to add a little buzz to your selfies by making use of creative standpoints and angles so as to get great capture at different points of view. Fortunately, with a monopod, you can raise or lower your camera or smartphone as you wish. This allows you to take as many photos from as many different standpoints as you want. You might even be able to accomplish a fisheye effect with your capture. A monopod stabilizes your camera, and this gives you a sort of comfort zone that you need to make the best out of your photography.

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Crucial Tip for Taking Great Selfies

Selfies are the new thing today, everybody is taking one. There’s this buzz on social media that has contributed to the increased popularity of selfies. People want to make the best out of their everyday moments, and using personal devices such as smartphones to take photos and record important moments is one of the best ways how to. A good smartphone camera is everything you need to take fantastic photos and keep on file your favorite memories.

In this short post, we highlight a key tip that will help you take better selfies.

  • Lighting – your face is beautiful as is, so there’s no reason why you should ruin it by doing bad photography through exposure to inappropriate lighting scenarios, only to later try to edit your photos by applying tons of filters using photo-editing applications. Lighting is one of the most important things that you need to grasp if at all you’re to make a superb photographer. Natural lighting almost always gets it right. If you’re in a dim place with no natural lighting, you almost certainly will get it wrong. On the other hand, if you’re indoors, make sure that there’s adequate lighting for the photo to come across the board as awesome!
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Easy Tips for Using Monopods

If you’re a ‘selfie-holic’, then you probably know very well what a selfie stick is. You probably have a fantastic collection of selfies on your phone or social media profiles. How did you manage to take all these photos? Different people have got different bags of tricks regarding how they manage to take fantastic selfies. Of late, you don’t need to perform acrobatic maneuvers with your arm just to be able to take cool selfies. A handy new accessory selling by the keyword ‘selfie stick’ or ‘monopod’ helps you take better photos by simply extending the flexibility of your smartphone camera.

The monopod, or selfie pole, is rather a portable accessory that helps you capture better self-portraits. On its own though, this accessory might not be very useful. You’ll definitely need better lighting, the perfect single angle for taking a good selfie and an ideal pose to put everything together into a great photo. You’ll also need to position your camera at a cool angle so as to take a great photo. All these tips will help you take the perfect selfie. With a selfie stick, everything gets much easier. All that’s needed is for you to attach your camera to the accessory and then you’ll be able to capture photos on the go by hitting on the button on the selfie pole.

When taking a selfie with a selfie pole, hold out with your arm and extend it to the most suitable angle. Once you’re done with the photo, you can easily fold the stick back to its compact size and carry it. Most of the best selfie sticks are compatible with Android, iPhone, and just any other smartphone that has Bluetooth support in it.

In Summary, Here’s What You Need to Capture the Ultimate Selfie

  • Get ready and look good
  • Think about what angle is going to make the photo look awesome. Adjust your monopod appropriately.
  • Shine out that beautiful smile for the photo
  • Feel free to use camera filters and features (e.g. Zoom) to enhance the quality and appearance of your photo and make it look as good as you possibly can.
  • Take note of your surrounding environment, including lighting, so as to be able to take better selfies.